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Treatment Options For Oral Diseases:

A Dentist Performing Dental Treatment

Even when you have been taking proper care of your teeth, you still need to visit the best dentist North York for the professional cleaning of your teeth twice a year. The dentist will then recommend other suitable treatment options upon you showing the problems or signs related to infections, gum diseases, as well as other dental concerns.

Here are the common points of prevention as well as treatment involved for oral problems or diseases:

1. Cleanings:

A professional cleaning at the Dental Cleaning Office North York can help you get rid of plaque that you have missed while brushing or flossing your teeth. This type of cleaning also helps to remove tartar. They are performed by a dental hygienist. After the procedure, a high-powered toothbrush is used to brush your teeth.

2. Fluoride Treatment:

After the process of the dental cleaning, your dentist might apply a fluoride treatment. This process helps to fight off cavities. Fluoride is known to be a naturally occurring mineral that helps to strengthen the enamel of your tooth, thereby making it resilient to acid and bacteria.

3. Crowns, Fillings, Sealants:

A filling is used to repair the crack, cavity, or hole in the tooth. The best dentist in North York uses a drill to remove the damaged area after which the hole is filled with a composite or amalgam. If the large portion of your tooth is required to be removed, a crown is used to fix the problem. Dental sealants are protective coatings that are placed on the back of molars and teeth. These sealants help to ward off cavities.

4. Root Canal:

If your tooth decay has reached inside your tooth to the nerve, you might require a root canal. Under this process, the nerve is removed and replaced using a filling made with biocompatible material.

5. Oral Surgeries:

If you are suffering from a more serious problem, your dentist may perform oral surgeries in your mouth, depending upon the gravity of the dental problem that you are suffering from. Some of the common oral surgeries include flap surgery, bone grafting, soft tissue grafts, tooth extraction, and dental implants.

You must make it a point to clean your mouth regularly. Get in touch with your dentist to know how to take care of your gums and teeth properly to avoid serious oral conditions.

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