Teeth Whitening North York

DENTAL CLEANING NORTH YORK: As AIMS Dentistry in North York, we provide laser teeth whitening, a revolutionized method to attain a youthful, bright and healthy smile. We deliver whiter teeth in personalized care and treatment. Our laser teeth whitening & cleaning in North York are cost-effective, durable and done in our state of art dental clinic in North York.

With time teeth gets stained, and the actual color of teeth is affected. There is a need to get your teeth to whiten and remove stains from your teeth. At AIMS dentistry in North York, we offer you with latest teeth whitening & cleaning treatment for all age groups. With dental cleaning in our North york dental office, you can regain that confident smile.

It’s time to rejuvenate your smile with white teeth. With laser dentistry, you can quickly get rid of your discoloured and stained teeth.

Professional teeth whitening treatment by a dentist and his assistant

Our dental cleaning experts in North York provide you with professional treatment and care your teeth professionally to offer you with a beautiful smile. So, book your dental cleaning & teeth whitening in North York today. To book your dental cleaning appointment, call the office at 647-828-8000 or book online.


All services were performed quickly and professionally. I have been very satisfied with their service. I would highly recommend AIMS Dentistry at Sheppard Clinics for dental problems.

George Strong

Had a great experience with the doctor and her assistant. She was very polite and informative. She also advised me for my wisdom teeth extraction.

My dental condition was not good. I took my daughter’s advice and went to see her doctor at AIMS Dentistry at Sheppard, she suggested me a couple of procedures which would help my issue. I really appreciate the quick and genuine service they provided me. Thanks!

Sarah Isla


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