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Mouth Guards North York

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A mouth guard is a customized dental appliance that fits over your teeth. Mouth guards can be used to protect your face and mouth from injury, as well as to prevent teeth grinding at night (also known as bruxism and Jaw Muscle Dysfunction).

Sports Guards North York

When playing any sport that places your jaw, teeth, or mouth at risk of being in contact with another object, you should use a sports mouth guard. The sports guards act to protect your teeth from any objects or people they come in contact with. It helps prevent injuries like broken teeth or cut gums.

Custom-made sports guards can help prevent tooth injuries from happening. Sports guards that are custom-made fit well and provide the best protection. The sports mouth guard works as a cushion between the teeth and your jaw. It protects against damage and shock by acting as a shock absorber. It is painless and easy to have a custom-made sports guard made. The dentist will need to take a few minutes to create the perfect fit. If your mouth guard is not fitting properly, keep it in check and see a dentist. We provide a mouth guard in North York to protect your teeth and prevent injury.

Night Guards North York

Night mouth guards may be a good option if you have problems with teeth grinding or clenching while you sleep. Over time, grinding can cause damage to your teeth. Night guards can be used to prevent contact.

Night mouth guards can be used to relieve the pain of TMD or jaw clenching. Night guards prevent you from clenching your jaws while sleeping. A custom-made night guard can be fitted by your dentist to protect your teeth and alleviate the symptoms of grinding. If you have chronic headaches, sore jaws, or sensitive teeth after sleeping, see a doctor. 

To alleviate any damage to your teeth, we make mouth guards that are custom-fit to fit your needs. They are not made to fit your teeth and will not provide the protection you need. Mouth guards that are custom-fitted to your teeth are snugly fitted and provide the necessary protection and comfort. AIMS dentistry at Sheppard provides custom night guards in North York.

Types and styles of mouth guards

These mouth guards can be purchased at sports shops and feature a unique tooth pattern. These are the most economical, but they offer very little comfort. The comfort level is not high unless the wearer has perfectly aligned smiles. Preformed mouth guards can be painful for the gums of many people.

Partially adjustable, these mouth guards can also be found in sports shops. They are relatively flat and hard. To soften them, heat some boiled water and let it cool down a bit. Then mold the mouth guard onto your teeth with your fingers and tongue. These mouth guards are much more comfortable than performed ones.

Made in the dental chair, personalized mouth guards make the most comfortable and effective fitting devices. We take impressions of the patent’s teeth to create the most comfortable and safest mouth guard. This impression is used to create a customized mouth guard using a resistant, soft material. They offer protection and comfort that is unmatched. Patients with braces should strongly consider personalized Mouth guards.

Who should use mouth guards?

Professional athletes who are involved in boxing, ice hockey, or football, as well as any other sport that has a high risk of sustaining a dental injury, should wear mouth guards. It is important to use mouth guards when playing rugby.

Adults and children who participate in the above-mentioned activities or any other dangerous activity that can lead to injury (e.g., skateboarding) are not permitted. skateboarding). People who grind their teeth every night. Grinding causes damage to the tooth enamel puts pressure on jaws and can cause pain and headaches. A special mouth guard can be attached to the teeth or a nocturnal bit plate. This will prevent discomfort. It can be worn all night to prevent grinding and eliminate its disadvantages. Contact AIMS dentistry at Sheppard to order sports guards in North York.


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