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How Much Does Root Canal Cost?

A Dentist Performing Root Canal Treatment

Are there any canals other than those which are utilized for ships and boats inland?

Well indeed, Human teeth have one to four root canals.

A root canal is a dental treatment frequently intended to save a tooth from extraction or failure. Root canals are required when the pulp of a tooth becomes infected and should be eliminated to try not to make any further harm to your mouth or the actual tooth itself.

Emergency dental consideration is costly, which is the reason it’s suggested you keep normal oral check-ups two times a year to take care of any likely issues.

Here’s the general rundown for root canals and what they’ll ultimately cost you.

A root canal is an extensive process, and the treatment costs rely on various factors.


One of the primary factors of the cost is the location of the tooth.

The front tooth normally has one canal while a back molar might have at least three, so the expense of root canal treatment relies upon the number of canals in the tooth.

Dentists also consider the ease of access of the area. If the tooth is a rear molar you might get more dollars stacked on your bill.

It’s not simply your tooth location, your topographical area likewise matters. There are a few market sectors that have somewhat greater costs than ordinary expenses.

On a front tooth, root canal treatment can cost $600-$800, root canal on a bicuspid or premolar tooth (mid-mouth) can cost $800-$1,200. Root canal therapy on a back molar can be $1000-$1,300 or more.

General Dentist or an Endodontist

Root canals can be completed by your family dentist or by root canal specialist endodontists, who ordinarily work on the most troublesome cases and charge 30% or more than the general dentists.

Additional Cost to maintain Root Canal treated tooth

There are additional costs associated with root canal procedures which include consulting, anesthesia, X-Rays, and emergency expenses.

After a root canal treatment, it is advised to get a crown. With extensive decay and subsequent treatment of root canal therapy, a lot of tooth structure is compromised. This makes the tooth more susceptible to fracture. The crown becomes essential to support the structural integrity of the tooth. It is also done for cosmetic purposes if discoloration has occurred in the tooth.

Save your teeth! Book your consult today

Root Canal is an expensive treatment, but worth it. Oral health is an important ingredient to overall health. If you suspect or require root canal treatment don’t hesitate, to book your free consultation appointment today.

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