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Aims Dentistry at Sheppard, our traditional braces are made with reduced visibility, quality materials, and increased comfort. Our orthodontist North York customizes your braces by using several colors, high-grade stainless steel, and thin arch wires. As the best orthodontist North York, we provide affordable braces and a wide range of choices to meet your preferences.

Traditional braces are the most common type of braces that are used to straighten the teeth by use of metal brackets and wire. These braces put pressure on the teeth and force them to shift; in this way, teeth get aligned and straighten.

Although, when you are opting for these types of braces, then you need to visit the dentist for regular tightening. Regular visit is important for tightening of wire at regular intervals to straighten teeth along the jawline.

Your teeth can get misaligned and can be irregular, which can be eliminated with the help of braces. Clear braces are the best option for those who do not want to show off their braces and want to keep it natural.

These braces get fitted in the mouth and adjusted according to the teeth of an individual. The time required by these braces to straighten your teeth depends on the extent of misalignment in the teeth.


All services were performed quickly and professionally. I have been very satisfied with their service.I would highly recommend AIMS Dentistry at Sheppard Clinics for dental problems.

George Strong

Had a great experience with the doctor and her assistant. She was very polite and informative. She also advised me for my wisdom teeth extraction.

aims dentistry at sheppard My dental condition was not good.I took my daughter’s advise and went to see her doctor at AIMS Dentistry at Sheppard,she suggested me a couple of procedures which would help my issue.I really appreciate the quick and genuine service they provided me.Thanks!

Sarah Isla

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